Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shashi Tharoor - the 'new age' politician

Mr. Tharoor received the NDTV New Age politician award amidst much appreciation and applause and perhaps he deserved it if 'New age politician' means being completely irresponsible about what leaves one's mouth, media savvy to the hilt and having a sense of history not going back to more than five years (and that too seems a stretch).

He is Minister of State for External Affairs but the only place where he 'brainstorms' is Twitter and there too its mostly about the various incidents where he was misinterpreted or misquoted or even both. The amount he has been misinterpreted makes one stagger in disbelief but then the fact that he is actually holding that post does not really help matters much in the first place.

The Honorable Minister, it seems, believes that India and its citizens will follow his verdict even when it overturns sixty years worth of Foreign Policy maybe because he has an easy smile and apparently is pleasant on the eyes...sometimes it seems to me that Mr. Tharoor is a classic case of good looking models who open their mouth just too much to take even if as just a joke. Why? Because Shashi Tharoor seems to take everything as a joke which one must tell him that the majority does not really get but then they are the 'cattle class', right Mr. Tharoor?

The PMO is said to be deeply 'unhappy' about Tharoor's newest case of verbal diarrhea and is considering matters...but that does not really leave you with a bright picture of the future because for some absurd reason Tharoor is too much of a dear to the high bosses and why not?! Hes handsome, brilliant in English, a Stephanian and he was in the UN! The perfect bio data!!!! So one should not hope much because it may be disappointing but as many say without hope the world wouldn't run...and if not of a bright future, we can at least hope of some more misinterpretations to make us all agitated with the sodden state of affairs once more....