Saturday, November 20, 2010

Difficult to speak, impossible to be silent.

"An event has happened, upon which it is difficult to speak, and impossible to be silent."
~ Edmund Burke on the Impeachment of Warren Hastings, 5 th May 1789

I write this in complete and utter desperation. In my 19 years of existence, I have never felt more hopeless when it came to my country.

The last few weeks have spelled nothing but disgust in my heart and mind for the one's who run this country and I feel sorry for India and for millions of its citizens like me.

First, I would like to apologize. Apologize to my nation and to my ancestors and to my descendants for not being able to do anything as a bunch of hungry mongrels ravish this piece of flesh called India.

I switch on the TV news or I read the newspapers or I listen to the radio or I log on to the internet or talk on the phone or listen and take part in discussions in person and nothing but anger and shame engulfs me.

2G scam, the Reddy brothers, the sham called Naxalism/Maoism/Crap-ism, Adarsh society, CWG bullshit yada yada yada...

Reading the above (never ending list, it seems...), what and how do you feel?

I felt hopelessness of the worst kind which propelled me to watch news and cheer on discussions which bought the culprits of the above crap-fests in the dock and then...then the following happened...

The media lost all its credibility, morality, professional ethics, reputation and their whole 'holier than thou' perception - all of it - when they blacked out the Barkha Dutt-Vir Sanghvi tapes released by the Open Magazine (Barkhji ki baatein - Vir Sanghvi's transcripts - recently, which have them virtually acting as 'dalals' (middlemen) for various political parties and corporate houses, hence completely and irrevocably damaging their whole image as "free and fair" journalists.

And what does the other sections of this "free and fair" media do? Black out this raging piece of information and go on with attacking other people, peacefully blind to this black spot on their own community.


So does the 'independence, freedom, fairness etc etc etc' that the media keeps on howling about in ALL other cases go to HELL when their community is concerned?! Does the 'right of the people to know' gets eliminated when the said knowledge is related to one (or in this case two) of their own?! Is it only the country's responsibility that the media gets all its freedom and right to report but nothing is required on behalf of this very media that they show the truth and not curtail the people's right to know when the news is not exactly in the favor of their own selves?!

These are questions demanding answers...can I expect them or will I continue to stare into this blackness?

Anyway, lets evaluate what exactly are we facing today as a are the people/community being questioned presently in various issues -

1. The PM (WOW, again.)
2. Politicians (No writing this is and should be one very sad thing in itself but well who the HELL cares in this time and age, right?)
3. Army (Trust you me, this one is actually painful to write...)
4. Bureaucracy
and the grand edition to this list of who's who (quite literally...) -
5. The Media (sorry...the 'free and fair' media...)

Last question, who can be trusted?

(PS - Till now, I have seen the report on the media crap in only two Indian print media publications - Mail Today and Outlook...still waiting to see it on the 'idiot' box...)



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And it all started because I did not feel like writing my paper on Schumpeter...Why?

I am supposed to be writing a paper on Schumpeter’s take on the classical doctrine of democracy but as it quite evident I am not doing that…


Because I don’t feel like doing it…


Because I am not able to get myself to read his essay on it…


Because I am too lazy to get my ass to my room and get the essay and then to get the laptop and continue from where I left it…


Because I seem to be stuck in front of this screen and seem to be lost in a virtual world…


Because it seems to me that the virtual world is a better place than the so called real world I am going to be forced to be a part of every second of my life.


The real world is fraught with weird problems which seem to have no solution, which seem to be a jumble of shit spun over a lot many years with no bloody sensible solution coming out at all! At least virtually I can manipulate myself into believing that someone cares and actually talks about it...(this someone includes myself)


How the FUCK am I supposed to know that? What I know is that I am 19 years old and India has been independent since 1947 and the human world has been in existence for I don’t even know how many years and still we can hardly say “This (anything AT all) is alright.


I am in my car and I see children, who should be in school, begging at streetlights.

I am at my home and I see that douche bag (one among many others) blatantly being engaged in CWG corruption.

I am anywhere and I have to endure constant India bashing which most of the time seems to stem from half baked idiotic notions and the other times is genuine but leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

I am in the metro and I see people getting up to offer a higher middle class lady with a young kid a seat but the same chivalry is not extended to a poor woman with a baby or her young son.

I try to get off at my stop but the completely and unbelievably stupid people on the station think it is just right for them to barge in pushing people left, right and centre.

CWG shit happens and for that the citizens of the city are indirectly told to stay in their houses on the opening and closing day cos NO bloody market would be open AT all.

CWG crap seems to be only for foreigners because if you’re an Indian citizen, then you may be standing in line for 1 hour but you still wouldn’t get the damn ticket because some ‘mehmaan’ will be made to break the Q and get it.

The Naxals, Maoists or whatever crap they prefer to be called will spread violence everywhere and then defend it and people will actually agree! Please explain to me how beheading cops, harassing teachers and marking students is linked to their so called revolution.

Modi, Sajjan Kumar and the likes will march on unharmed by anything after committing the crimes that they have.

A good enough side walk will be broke, remade and then broken again to be made the same way as it was originally.

People can be unlawfully hanged for the heinous crime of loving.

Among MUCH more.