Sunday, May 29, 2016

Look Who's Back - some thoughts

Movie - Look Who's Back
Director - David Wnendt
Starring - Oliver Masucci, Fabian Busch, Franziska Wulf

Just finished watched a rather interesting film called 'Look who's back', directed by David Wnendt, on Netflix. The film is based on a novel, written by Timur Vermes, by the same name. The film is about the 'what if' scenario of Adolf Hitler waking up in 2014's Berlin and trying to understand the changes that have taken place in Germany and the world at large since he was in power.  

Hitler is mistaken to be an impersonator of extraordinary method acting talent by a freelance producer who then uses him to rejoin his old TV production company. Hitler on his part is exuberant about this development as now he has the power of media to broadcast his ideas, no matter if many take it to be a joke - at least they’re listening. 
And they’re listening all right. 

Hitler becomes an instant hit, save for a few who view his ideas (even if dubbed as ‘jokes’ by his fan clubs) as dangerous. Most are quite taken by this “new comedian” on the block, showcasing the latent disgruntlement they feel with the current political order including Germany’s policies on welcoming refugees. 

They don't care that this man does not only look remarkably like Hitler but also speaks his language. His marketing is what matters, the fact that he appeals to some disagreements that they have in their hearts matters, the fact that he stands for so called “greatness” of the nation matters but not how he hopes to reach the pinnacle or the lies he spins to support his theories. 

‘Look who’s back’ is a film of our times. World over, we are seeing a takeover by the extreme. It may be in your face or it may be hidden behind sweet words but what we need to understand as citizens of a world, with history on our side, is that there is a call to be vigilant. Hitler may have died but his ideas, unfortunately, did not. Hitler may not rise again as we know him but he is always on the look out to be back. He may reinvent and rebrand himself but the ideas will, at the core, remain the same. 

We have the choice to decide if we want our own personal Hitler who fans that small tinge of anger and resentment that resides in our heart till it all but consumes us and makes us blind to rationality and humanity.  

Watch ‘Look who’s back’ - it will make you laugh and ridicule but only till your defences are down and then it will attack.
Just like the Hitlers of the world. 

Verdict - Do watch for we need to be alerted lest we repeat the mistakes of the past.

Picture credit - the wondrous 'world wide web'