Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaai - Aapas mein sab bhai-bhai

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaai - Aapas mein sab bhai-bhai

Hello folks! 

So I was going through my facebook, minding my own business - liking a photo here, commenting there, raising my eyebrows at one status, laughing my ass off on another when I saw one post -

And it was a Mentos - Dimaag ki batti jali moment for me! 

I was hit by an epiphany!

And I was left amazed and excited and thrilled and was just patting my back at being so very smart when I realized that I was also -


But lets brush that aside because I doubt most people in my GREAT country know the meaning of the word anymore...specially the GREATER ones who are supposedly leading us (into stupidity but thats just my view).

Anyhow, let us come back to my amazingness!

I just realized I now have the perfect example of India's secularism and secular unity!

Remember that nice sounding rhyme we used to learn like parrots -

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Issaai Aapas mein sab bhai-bhai! 

Yeah, that one!

Turns out we are bhai-bhai in idiocy also! YAY!

Idiocy - "Bhaiya/Bhaijaan/Brother this is hurting my religious and cultural sensibilities! Please remove it! Please or else...Police wale uncle/Government dude/Media wali Bhabhiji, dekho na!"

Examples -

Muslim - We wont let 'Vishwaroopam' release because it hurts Muslim religious sensibilities! [And we are antaryamis because film officially release hone se pehle hi humein pata hai ki uss mein kya aapatijanak hai! (Antaryaamis or pirated film watchers, you decide...)]
Result - Vishwaroopam banned in Tamil Nadu with an emotional Kamal Haasan talking about possibly leaving the country. Currently, however, he is in the process of removing certain scenes from the film for its 'safe' release. 

Muslim - We will release a fatwa against teenage girls singing and having a rock band because it hurts our religious sensibilities! How dare they?!
Result - Amidst much blah blah by the CM, the girls decided to close down their rock band. 

Hindu - A young painter forced to take down three of his paintings from an exhibition at Bangalore because they hurt the religious sensibilities of some BJP workers.
Result - Paintings taken down from exhibition. Artist crying hoarse over his 'babies' but mennu ki?!

Hindu - Yeh toh aaj ki baat hai but who can forget that they also chased away India's Da Vinci MF Husain from his country, forcing him to breathe his last on foreign soil.
Result -  MF Husain's dead. Aur kya kahoon?

Christians - Christian groups starting to protest against Mani Ratnam's 'Kandal' even before the film has released stating that it has scenes disturbing their religious sensibilities! Please welcome, ladies and gentlemen, one more set of antaryaamis!
Result - Awaited

Christians - Da Vinci Code's release was possible only after it had been approved by Church Representatives after a special screening organized by none other than the I&B Minister of that time - Priyaranjandas Munshi.
Result - Tennu ki?! 

Toh hue ne asal mein hum sab Bhai-Bhai! Chalo ab issi baat pe ek naya gaana/film/kitaab dhoonde iss unity ko badhaane ke liye!

PS - Sab ke do-do example diye hain...please yeh matt bolna ki I am not secular! 


  1. Such a pseudo-secular you are. Not a single example of Sikhs, my sentiments are genuinely hurt. For when it comes to idiocy they can never be far behind.

    So to make your list truly secular, let me add

    SIKH- All India Sikh Student Federation requested stern action against Ajay for blasphemous remarks against the community as shown in the trailer of 'Son of Sardar.'
    Result- In a press conference with Revenue Minister(Punjab), Ajay Devgan said they never tried to hurt the Sikh community but if a few organisations found some contents in the movie’s trailer demeaning, it would be removed. Also, a thoroughly hopeless film managed to garner some publicity and a lot of repressed laughter for an "honest" potrayal of Sardars.

    1. I apologize, Sister!

      My memory power has been overburdened by so many idiocies happening at one go!

      But I thank you, vehemently so, for enumerating this here!